Mark McKenzie

Born and raised in South Carolina, Mark served 4 years honorably in the United States Marine Corps. As a crew chief in charge of route clearance Mark developed the ability to handle combat logistics to ensure safe travel of convoys throughout multiple countries in the Middle East. He served two combat tours before returning to the Carolinas and transitioning into civilian life. 

Having a love for high intensity situations, Mark pursued the offshore oil and gas business where he started working as a Deepwater Drilling Fluids Engineer after graduating from DFE Tech in Tyler Texas. 

After working for Baker Hughes for 2 years offshore, Mark relocated to the oilfields of West Texas at which time he started consulting as a Drilling Fluids Engineer and started a consulting firm, Defender Contracting LLC. 

After the economic downturn in 2015 Mark moved to Fort Worth Texas and started an investment real estate company that continues to operate today. 

Pursuing his love of the oil and gas business and combing experience gained from combat logistics, Mark restructured Defender Contracting to be an Oilfield Service company that is operating today. He specializes in Chemical, Mud, Water, and Equipment transport as well as remediation of hydrocarbon, salt, and chemical spills. Defender Contracting is a veteran owned and operated company that incentivizes veterans to work in the oil industry. 

A standing member of the VFW and American Legion, Mark focuses on helping those that served this great nation.  His passions outside of business involve anything in the great outdoors- especially spending time on the coast.